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Covid-19; It’s better to work from home!

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Mar, 2020. 04:55 pm
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Covid-19; It's better to work from home!

Coronavirus outbreak has created tensions in our society. Educational institutions have been shut down, less number of people are being noticed at public places. Some offices are asking their employees to work from home as well.

Working from home means less direct interaction with co-workers, less concentration on tasks and fewer hangouts. However, I hope these suggestions can make your work easier.

Find an optimum location

You will not get a regular office atmosphere at home. But you can make something similar to that at your home. The home environment can disrupt you, especially if you have a big family. In Pakistan, people enjoy several gathering events at home.

These tactics can distract you, but you must stick on your plan if you have decided something. Avoid sitting at the couch or kitchen, as you can feel sleepy. Select a room, it can be your living room, for work. Set proper furniture such as tables and chairs for your work. Set your PC so you will not have to shift it to another place.

Matt Haughey, the creator of MetaFilter and writer for Slack, has said, “It definitely helps if you have a dedicated space for working from home,”

He shared his experience, “I started doing this kind of work sitting at a desk in the middle of my living room of a small San Francisco apartment 20 years ago, and it was a pain to stay on task and not get interrupted.”

Time management

At the workplace, you have to work in decided hours to accomplish the tasks and mark your attendance. However, most of the companies offer flexible hours to complete the tasks. You even get decided days of submitting the work if you work as a freelancer. Design an appropriate timetable and strictly follow it. You can select hours from day or night time, it depends on your stamina, feasibility or what type of work you do.

For example, if you are working for a company, you will have to coordinate with your boss and teammates. Or if you are doing something that demands communication with your clients, you will have to select the daytime. Otherwise, night timings are also good.

Use of technology

Work from home can let you get rid of the rules you have to follow at office premises. However, working at home can be difficult for you as well! You are provided with suitable technology equipment at the office, but at home, you will have to arrange essential ones such as printers and so on. If you do not possess enough ones, look for nearby shops that can better facilitate you.

Find a fellow

The ongoing situation demands to stay at home and avoid huge crowds. However, you can gather two or three people. Gather somewhere, at anyone’s home or cafes and make a small team. In this way, you will get motivated and will be capable of working with creativity and spirit.

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