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If Allah wills not, no one can harm! 101 years old Italian survives COVID-19

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Mar, 2020. 12:48 am
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If Allah wills not, no one can harm! 101 years old Italian survives COVID-19

As per the research coronavirus hit older adults hardest as with flu, immune changes and other health conditions are to blame but if Allah wills not, no one can harm, 101-year-old man in the coastal Italian town of Rimini has recovered from the COVId-19.

According to deputy mayor of Rimini, Italy Gloria Lisi, a 101-year-old Italian man was recently released from hospital after making a full recovery from COVID-19.

Gloria told Italian publication, “The family brought him home yesterday evening,” “To teach us that even at 101 years, the future is not written.”

She said the man’s quick recovery has been deemed “truly extraordinary,” adding that it gives hope for the future.

The 101 years old COVID-19 survival not only survive this Pandemic but he also survived the 1981 Spanish flu pandemic, which approximately killed between 20 and 50 million people around the world.

Italy recorded 9,134 death from coronavirus  and almost 86,498 got infected and 24,65 patients have been recovered so far.

Italy ordered that all businesses must close until April 3, with the exception of those essential to maintaining the country’s supply chain.

Mark Blum, An american actor dies of coronavirus

“It is the most difficult crisis in our post-war period,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in a video posted on Facebook, adding “only production activities deemed vital for national production will  allowed.”

Conte did not specify which factories and businesses will considered crucial to keep the country going.

The government expected to publish an emergency decree on Sunday to make the new crackdown immediately effective.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, postal and banking services will remain open and essential public services including transport will be ensured.

“We are slowing down the country’s production engine but we are not stopping it,” Conte said.

Furthermore Italy on Thursday overtook China as the country worst hit by the highly contagious virus.

Lombardy, the northern Italian region around Milan which the worst-affected by coronavirus, remains in a critical situation, with 3,095 deaths and 25,515 cases.

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