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Tik Tok shows a Hindu man molesting Burqa-clad woman during Holi

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

07th Mar, 2020. 04:11 pm
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Holi, the colour of festivals, for women, has been nothing less than harassment.

However, this time the sense of entitlement has gone a notch higher and has taken a communal turn.

A TikTok video recently created buzz on social media where a man chases a burqa-clad woman to smear colours on her face.

“Chaahe naqaab pehan ke niklo bhaijaan ke sath, ragad ke rang lagega suno mohtarma seedhi baat” (Even if you go out in a veil with your brother, colours will be thrown at you. Just listen to this simple thing).

A burqa, words like mohtarma and bhaijaan to make the intentions very clear.

Afterall burqa, mohtarma and bhaijaan are the signifiers of Muslim women. Stereotyped much!

However, the misogyny does not end with this bigoted video.

Some social media users shared the video and openly called for the molestation of Muslim women in much-romanticized pop culture words.

Mainstream Bollywood has, over the years, normalized this kind of harassment by showing the male lead running after the female lead with colours.

While, the lyrics blaring out in the background in male voice will be about drenching the woman in colour.

And of course they also mention of her clothes like “dupatta and blouse.”

Twitterati criticized the molestation with Muslim women and demands for the safe environment during festivals.

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