Ahsan Khan hosts special transmission ‘Ya Allah Madad’ on Bol Entertainment

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th Apr, 2020. 08:59 pm
Ahsan Khan hosts special transmission 'Ya Allah Madad' on Bol Entertainment

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has limited people to their homes. Mosques educational institutions, offices, markets and factories have also been deserted.

Due to the coronavirus, the holy cities of Makkah and Madina have also been closed.

Coronavirus has infected more than 1.1 million people worldwide, with close to 60,000 deaths. Experts have been researching day and night to find a cure, but no definitive success has been accomplished so far.

The only solution to prevent this deadly virus is to maintain social distancing and seeking forgiveness from the almighty.

Bol  is bringing a special transmission to ask forgiveness from Allah amid the global outbreak of the deadly virus.

The scholars of all schools of thought will be on a live panel with us and will seek salvation with Allah.

Bol presents special transmission  ‘Ya Allah Madad’ with Ahsan Khan on Saturday and Sunday only on Bol Entertainment.

BOL Network is always geared-up for the prosperity and well being of Pakistan and its citizens and healthy and educated Pakistan is one of  the organization’s prime goals.

BOL Entertainment understands the sentiment of millions of Pakistanis who are not able to attend congregational prayers amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Earlier from last week BOL Entertainment had taken a historic step to air five times Congregational Prayers ‘Namaz Ba Jamaat’ live for the masses, under the initiative of Mehfooz Pakistan Campaign.

This step is taken specially for women, elderly, disable and special people who can take an advantage of witnessing congregational prayer through BOL Entertainment.

Namaz Bajamat with Molana Kaukab Noorani

نماز جزو ایمان، چراغ قبر، ستون دین، معراج مومن وہ خواتین ضعیف اور کمسن بچے جو موجودہ حالات میں کسی عذر کے باعث نماز باجماعت کرنے سے قاصر ہیں تو بول کرنے جا رہا ہے محفوظ پاکستان کے تحت دنیا میں پہلی بار پانچ وقت با جماعت نمازلائیو سمیٹیں ثواب علامہ کوکب نورانی کی پر سوز دعائوں کے ساتھ نماز باجماعت پاکستان کے نمبر ون انٹرٹینمنٹ چینل صرف بول انٹرٹینمنٹ پر۔۔#BOLEntertainment #BOLMehfoozPakistan #NamazBajamat

Gepostet von BOL Entertainment am Sonntag, 29. März 2020


Prominent Religious Scholar Allama Kokab Noorani will lead the prayers.

BOL Entertainment has created multiple awareness promos for the public in which all aspects related to coronavirus have been covered including Government’s measures, precautions and prevention and most important of them are guidelines for those who need to continue their offices in lockdown days.

We educate masses through a promo in which we defined steps taken by the government for controlling the outbreak. We also express gratitude over the government’s measures taken for the well being of the citizens of Pakistan.

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