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Jemima Goldsmith sends love & salaams to Pakistan amid coronavirus fears

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th April, 2020
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Jemima Goldsmith sends love & salaams to Pakistan amid coronavirus fears

Founder of Instinct Productions  and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex wife Jemima Goldsmith sent love and greetings to Pakistan.

She wrote on Twitter “Wondering how my Pakistani Twitter friends are doing during the lockdown there? I’m mindful that however hard this is for so many people here in the UK, conditions are so much harder for you in Pakistan.”

Jemima always stands in support of her former husband.

Earlier, Jemima Goldsmith has responded to the hilarious claims of Jamit Ulema-e-Islam-Fazal’s Mufti Kifayatullah.

Jemima Goldsmith took twitter to say that, For those who don’t speak Urdu – apparently I have a first cousin called “Wiki” – who set up Wikileaks- which is a Zionist tool, supporting Imran Khan’s Zionist agenda. This from a so called Islamic scholar/ cleric…. “Wiki’ cousin hai Jemima ka”

“Wait till he finds out about my other cousins Panama Leaks and Vicky Pedia.”, she added in her tweets.

JUI-F leader Mufti Kifayatullah claimed that her cousin ‘Wiki’ founded WikiLeaks.

In an interview on a private news channel, Mufti Kifayatullah had claimed that Jemima’s first cousin was a man named Wiki who had founded WikiLeaks.

“Imran Khan, Jemima, the Goldsmith family, Henry Kissinger and WikiLeaks are pieces of the same agenda,” Kifayatullah had said on national TV.

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