What to do after lockdown? Nadia Hussain suggests measures

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Apr, 2020. 07:26 pm
what to do after lockdown? Nadia Hussain suggests measures

Actress and model Nadia Hussain suggested that we should focus on extreme stringent measures after reopening.

The model Nadia Hussain was invited to BOL entertainment’s show named “BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan”. During the interview, she raised her concern that we are not focusing on reopening measures, we are just focusing on lockdown.

She said that although lockdown is necessary, we should seriously think about stringent opening measures. She said that we are not prepared for the reopening.

In addition to this, Nadia Hussain suggested that walk-though disinfectant should be installed outside the Mosques so people can become prepared about reopening. People coming to perform prayer in the mosques should also be taught to stand with gaps between them.

Apart from that, she also said that measures should be taken on what type of protocols will be given in the malls.
The actress raised her concern that our entire lifestyle has been changed now and we have to understand that, but we are not understanding that.

Singer Fakhir Mehmood was also present at the show. Celebrities are seriously implementing social distancing measures. Here in the picture, you can see these celebrities have made pose for a group photo, meanwhile maintining distance.

Watch the full episode on Monday at 8 pm at BOL Entertanment.

“Ya Allah Madad” BOL’s Special Transmission on Coronavirus

BOL Entertainment has come up with a special transmission named “Ya Allah Madad” with an aim to educate the people about significant religious information. The special transmission is being aired today at BOL Entertainment.

The aim of organizing this amazing religious show is to answer fundamental queries, as well as to educate the people by delivering in-depth knowledge regarding Shariat over coronavirus situations. The scholars will also lead the people if praying at homes is possible.

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