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5 Craziest Jobs You Didn’t Know Ever Exist In The World

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd Jun, 2020. 11:01 pm
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 Many of you must think that you have the craziest or pathetic job in the world. You’re just doing it to earn money but do you know there are many other jobs which are much crazier than yours?

Whenever anybody has asked you what do you want to be when you’ll grow up, the answers must have been very easy like a doctor, engineer, teacher, or maybe a pilot. But have you ever thought to be something that you did not expect anyone to be? Let’s find out!

Here is a list of 05 craziest jobs in the world many of us did not know even exist.

Pet Food Taster

Yes, you read it right. There are people who are actually designated to taste the pet’s food before it is certified. Taste in the sense that the person has to chew the pet food to make sure it is perfect for the animal.

Professional Sleeper

Where many of us get scolded for sleeping, there is an actual job of a professional sleeper in the world. Well, the job is not as easy as it sounds. NASA decided to look at the effects of lying still for 70 days, which is about how long it takes to fly into space. So, what they did was recruit people to check out and pay them $18,000 or £12,000 for bed and sleep layers.

Panda Nanny

Ever want to look after a squeezable yet big panda? There are people who actually work as a panda nanny in the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in China.

Water Slide Tester

If you love waterparks, this could be your best choice. Water Slide Testers need to check all safety aspects to ensure that all slides are secured.

Wedding Guests

Many of you may not like to attend weddings, what if you earn money by attending one? There are people who are hired as wedding guests to attend a wedding in Japan. They are paid with a good amount of money and have delicious wedding food for free.


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