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Ancient fossil of saber-toothed fish unearthed in Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

12th Jun, 2020. 04:47 pm
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Millions of years old saber-toothed fish’s fossil discovered in Pakistan. The fossil is named after a witch because of its long, sharp-pointed teeth. 

Fossil of almost 50-million-old fish of different types but the same species was found in Belgium.

The fossil has been discovered in the Salt Mountains of the Punjab Province of Pakistan. According to an expert, the teeth of this fish were large and unusual than the other saber-toothed tiger fish. This type of fish was more dangerous than the others of the same species. The strange thing is that today such kind of creature has almost no teeth and lives by eating microscopic objects.

Alessio Capobianco, a PhD student at the University of Michigan’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, said the fossil was 45 million years old, as per the Capobianco’s research paper in the Royal Society’s research journal.

The research paper says that the fish’s fossil was discovered in “Rakhi Nala on the east side of the Sulaiman Range in the Dera Ghazi Khan” in Punjab.

Capobianco said,

“One meter in length, it lived in the shallow seas of Pakistan 45 million years ago.”

The research said, this ancient fish had a row of fine teeth in its lower jaw and a single, long, and pointed one in the upper jaw.

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