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How Covid-19 is helping people to save money?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

24th Jun, 2020. 09:26 pm
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Coronavirus has created a lot of trouble in everybody’s lives. People are living like prisoners as everything has been closed due to the ongoing pandemic. Almost everyone is scared of stepping outside their homes and God forbids to catch the virus. 

Apart from this, the Covid-19 has kind of done a favor to us as well, if think positively. Where people were spending thousands of money on shopping or dining out, now a large amount of their money is being saved. Here are the ways coronavirus is helping to save everyone’s money.

Less Shopping:

Due to coronavirus, malls in Pakistan have given a limited time to remain open. Many people do not get a chance to get their turn to enter the mall or a shop of their choice. Secondly, the online shopping experience of many is not that pleasant, so people try not to buy anything expensive online. Thousands of rupees in that way are still saved in bank accounts or purses.

No Dining Out:

Recently, the trend of fine dining took all over Pakistan. Although the experience and food were amazing, but it costed a fortune. Dining out is totally banned in Pakistan and people are enjoying home-cooked meals now.

Closed Salons:

For people’s safety, all the beauty salons have been closed after coronavirus cases emerged in Pakistan. People are now cutting their own hair, doing their facials, and other self-pampering stuff at home. Although, everyone is waiting for salons to reopen until then people’s money has been saved.

No Gyms:

Instead of paying thousands of money for a gym membership or as a gym monthly fees, people are now saving their money by doing workouts at home. Gym enthusiasts are miss going to their favorite place but for their and their family’s safety, the government has still not lifted the ban from reopening the gyms in Pakistan.

Less Fuel Expense:

Although the fuel rates have decreased in Pakistan during the pandemic, still people are not using much of it for traveling. People are staying at home and only using vehicles to buy necessary home items.


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