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Family cooks and eats cannabis thinking it was methi (fenugreek)

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

01st Jul, 2020. 12:32 pm
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Family cooks and eats cannabis thinking it was methi (fenugreek)

A family in Utter Pradesh mistakenly cooked ‘Ganja sabzi’ (cannabis) and ate. They thought that it was methi (fenugreek). The entire family fell sick.

A vegetable seller sold cannabis to a citizen named Nitesh. Nitesh’s sister-in-law Pinki cooked the meal thinking that it was methi (fenugreek). The family of 6 consumed that cooked meal.

However, the health condition of the family deteriorated. They started to become faint. The neighbors contacted the doctor and the family was taken to the hospital.

The neighbors then called the police. Police investigated the incident and found the uncooked cannabis left in the packed. They seized both the cooked and uncooked cannabis.

Police arrested the vegetable seller. Upon interrogation, he reportedly told that he gave cannabis than fenugreek as a joke.

Police said that once the complaint is filed, they will register the case.

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