Is Areeqa Haq responsible for Hania-Asim breakup?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2020. 05:13 pm
Is Areeqa Haq responsible for Hania-Asim breakup?

Singer Asim Azhar and actress Hania Aamir were seen as a couple for so long. However, Hania has confessed that she is not dating Asim. Is the TikToker Areeqa Haq behind the breakup?

Fans loved Hania and Asim as a real couple, and everyone expected that they may announce an official announcement soon. Both were spotted together several times in many events.

However, the situation turned different when Dilruba actress Hania confessed in a live chat that she is not dating Asim. She even deleted all photos she had with Asim.

The news took the internet by storm and became a top trend on social media. People are still wondering why it happened. While some people are considering the matter sarcastically, some people blame TikTok star Areeqa Haq for influencing the relationship.

Areeqa got fame through her TikTok videos and was recently introduced in Asim Azhar’s latest song “Tum Tum”.

Netizens are making a connection between the making of the song and the relationship. Rumors spread that Areeqa played a role in the couple’s breakup.

Well, Asim and Areeqa have not commented on the news so far. Netizens now wait for the next thing to happen!

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