Tourist stranded in Manila Airport, being compared with a movie character

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Jul, 2020. 11:36 pm
Tourist stranded in Manila Airport, being compared with a movie character

100 days have passed since a foreign tourist was stranded at a Manila airport departure in the Philippines, after which he is being compared the movie character, the movie name is “The Terminal” released in 2004, the main character is stuck at the US airport.

According to the details, Roman Trofimov has been staying at Manila Airport in the Philippines since March 20. He arrived in Manila on an Air Asia flight from Bangkok.

The tourist said his passport was confiscated before immigration.

He said the coronavirus caused a series of sanctions and the plane could not take him back to Thailand.

On the other hand, the Philippines has revoked the entry visa facility after which they could not be allowed to enter the Philippines temporarily and they have been stranded in the Philippines for the last 110 days.

Roman Trofimov said he has been stuck in departure for the past 110 days and now his optimum point has been crossed and he wants to get out of here.

He said that he was eating the trivial things provided by the airport stop.

Roman Trofimov said his flight to Cuba was booked on March 20 and his return flight to Bangkok on April 2, but international flights were banned due to the coronavirus and both flights were cancelled.

Disappointed Roman Trofimov appealed to his embassy for help but was unable to arrange a return flight.

He sleeps in the airport departure hall and survives on food and breakfast donated by staff.

Roman said that he is a disabled person, his health is deteriorating due to malnutrition, lack of sunlight and fresh air. He urged people to share his news so he will get any help.

It should be noted that a similar incident took place in Malaysia in November 2018, where Hassan Al Kontar, a citizen of war-torn Syria, spent seven months at a Malaysian airport.

The Syrian national was later granted asylum in Canada.


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