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Chinese restaurant apologizes for weighing diners

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

16th Aug, 2020. 12:13 pm
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Chinese restaurant apologizes for weighing diners

A restaurant in China has apologized for asking diners to weigh themselves and then have their meal accordingly.

A beef restaurant had introduced a rule and placed two large scales at the entrance. Diners were then asked to enter the calculated measurements into the app. The app would then suggest what time of menu items the customers should order.

According to the international news agency, Signs reading “be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates” and “operation empty plate” were pinned up.

Several Chinese social media users reacted to the move. Hashtags about the restaurants were widely being used on social media platform Weibo.

The restaurant said it was “deeply sorry” for its interpretation of the national “Clean Plate Campaign”.

“Our original intentions were to advocate stopping waste and ordering food in a healthy way. We never forced customers to weigh themselves,” it said in an apology posted online.

The Wuhan catering Industry Association urged restaurants in the city to limit the number of menu items.

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