‘#WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK’ Waqar Zaka offers land from his property to team YouTube

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

03rd Aug, 2020. 04:15 pm
'#WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK' Waqar Zaka offers land from his property to team YouTube

Social media celebrity Waqar Zaka has offered land from his property for the creation of YouTube’s office in Pakistan.

Bol entertainment’s popular host Waqar Zaka has started a campaign in which he demands an office of YouTube in Pakistan. The hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK is trending these days.

He has earlier raised his voice against the ban imposed on PUBG in the country. His struggles bore fruit and the authorities finally lifted the ban on the online game. 

He now heads towards his next mission to ask for a separate office in Pakistan. For this purpose, he has even offered land from his property worth billions of rupees. It is because he thought that team YouTube may have to spend a lot of time and money in finding land for the office. He said that he wanted to ease their endeavors. 

Why does he want YouTube’s office in Pakistan?

Waqar claims that a support office in a country is very essential. In a video, he said that the country is facing a lot of issues regarding the content on religious differences as well as content that targets judicial matters and other respectable government departments. These departments receive abuse videos from people of low standards. These issues may lead to a ban on the giant social media platform in Pakistan.


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