Simple self-defence tips you need to learn

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Sep, 2020. 01:55 pm

Street crimes and sexual abuse are crimes that cannot be taken for granted. Women become a victim of harassment more often when they walk alone on the streets, use public transport, or stand in public areas. Learning self-defence skills have become an essential course. Here are basic self-defence tips you can learn to defend yourself.

Improve your body language

At first, you need to improve your body language. Do not be afraid, walk tall and straight. Be more confident. Keep your body straight with your chin up and shoulders back. It is because your lungs will receive more oxygen and you can see your surroundings in a better way.

Once you are vigilant, you will get to know what is going on in your environment. Consequently, you will better prepare yourself for any uneasy situations. Try not to get focused on distractions.

Eye contact is necessary

If you feel someone is chasing you while you walk, do not be shy! Be confident and make good eye contact. Eye contact is a powerful thing and it will make the harassers feel that you are aware and you know their gestures.

Talk to someone

Be vigilant and immediately call someone you think can help you. You can call anyone in your family or friends living nearby. Call them and let them know exactly where you are and what is happening.

Raise voice

Girls mostly get afraid if someone tries to harass them. However, do not be afraid of using your voice to defend yourself. Once someone is trying to attack you, loudly say ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’. It may affect the next action of your offender.

Know vital target areas

Even if things do not work from the aforementioned tips, it is then your turn to raise your hand! You can kick or punch the offender. You can hit on the offender’s eyes, ears, temples, nose, throat, groin, and knees.

Learn self-defence techniques

Several self-defence experts hold complete sessions or workshops to teach skills. In this cruel world, learning self-defence tips has become a necessity, just like other courses.

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