Wedding RSVP criticized for offering guests better food if they gift money

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2020. 02:02 pm
Wedding RSVP goes viral

A bride-to-be received backlash on social media after she offered a variety of meals depending on the amount of their cash gifts. RSVP card of the wedding took attention on social media.

According to the international news agency, guests were asked to choose one of four ‘gift levels’ they aim to give to the newlywed couple. The selected gift level would then determine dinner choice at the reception.

A wedding blog stated that the cards were sent out with the wedding invitation as a ‘joke’. However, it went viral on social media as guests failed to realize it was a prank.

The couple was slammed and the invitations were called ‘tacky’ and ‘gross.’

The RSVP card took attention as critics noticed dietary restrictions mentioned in it.

“After this started getting gossiped about (and posted on FB), the couple who sent this out with their wedding invitations said it was a joke, and they were surprised no one “got” the joke,” the blog said.

one user tweeted, “I’m not sure “tacky” covers both the offensiveness of treating your wedding guests like political campaign donors and the pathology of using your marriage as emotionally blackmail your loved ones AND publicly shame them. It’s like a sociopathy burrito.”

Some netizens also suggested alternatives for guests.

One user suggested, “Everybody should just say their gift was over $1k, eat the 2lb of lobster, and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later.”

Another one wrote, “Sign up for the platinum level. Get you some lobster. Bring a card with a $5 TJ Maxx gift card and the business cards of local divorce lawyers. Enjoy your lobster and leave. Win-win.”

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