Breaking Stereotypes: A Woman Goes Viral For Her Hair Loss Journey

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

12th Nov, 2020. 07:15 pm
Jennifer's hair loss journey

Jennifer, a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma has blown away the audience through her TikTok for publicly sharing her hair loss journey.

Her aim was to focus attention on hair loss and androgenic alopecia by addressing it freely and candidly because it is a concern that is often deemed to be taboo.


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Common hair loss misconception… You have to be nearly or completely bald to wear a wig or alternative hair. FALSE. NOPE. NADA. NOT TRUE. For me it was easier emotionally to decide to wear wigs before my hair loss and shedding got too severe. It’s really gotten thin lately, and I can’t imagine the emotional pain I’d be experiencing if I didn’t have wigs I loved to put on each day. Though no wig or hair piece is a magical fix all, it did help me emotionally to process. I started wearing wigs full time 6 months ago & I’m so thankful I made that decision early on in my hair loss. It’s made the shedding and bald spots easier to accept emotionally. If you feel like you need to wait till a certain point in your hair loss journey to wear alternative hair, don’t. Those are all society standards. It’s completely up to YOU and what will help YOU feel beautiful. And remember, my DMs are always open for anyone who needs encouragement or to hear that you are NOT alone. 💜💜💜

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Jennifer’s most famous TikTok clearly illustrates how she puts on and styles her wig, which reportedly has 9 million views.

The TikTok star, however, does not shy away from revealing her flaws to her followers. Moreover, several people were able to connect to her situation in response.

Jennifer explained in a series of TikTok videos, “I have androgenic alopecia, meaning my hair is genetically thin and falls out more than the average woman my age. I first started experiencing hair loss at 21 and felt so alone. I didn’t think women my age dealt with hair loss. It was so isolating.”

“I first wore wigs in 2014 when my hair fell out due to medications. I hid the embarrassment of my thinning scalp under a bulky wig and did my best to hide the fact that I wore wigs. Back then, my hair loss only lasted a year. I slowly transitioned to my natural hair, but I started wearing wigs again in May of this year. That decision essentially happened overnight. I hated my hair and came to the realization that I was done hating part of myself. It’s been the best choice I’ve ever made for myself and my happiness,” she added

“Regardless of age, most women feel alone in their hair loss or hair thinning. I hope my page helps normalize hair loss for women. I’ve done a lot of emotional healing in the past year through wearing wigs. Today I can easily smile or joke about my hair loss. I think that’s encouraging and refreshing for a subject that is usually so taboo,” Jennifer concluded


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I never realized how much not liking my hair held me back until I got my wig. Never realized it… It sounds crazy… but until you’ve had very thin hair or even no hair you wouldn’t understand. It’s emotional. It’s draining. It steals your joy. Hair loss is a rollercoaster. And no, my value or happiness wasn’t riding 100% on my hair. Of course it wasn’t. I know where my joy and value comes from. But having something on me I couldn’t change & didn’t like?? It held me back. My thin hair kept me from getting dressed the way I wanted. Kept me from wanting to do my makeup. Kept me from wanting to be IN the photo. I never wanted to style my hair and when I did? It would never look the way I wanted. Ever. Now I decide what hair I want to wear each day and I LOVE THAT. Outfit doesn’t look good with blonde hair? Enter my brunette wig! Want a messy bun look with your sweatpants? DONE. I can style or wear my hair however I want. I know it will look stunning at the start of the day & the end of the day. I can dress up or down depending on my mood. I took back control- and it gives me pure joy to feel beautiful on the inside again. But do I need hair to feel good and beautiful all the time?? No, I don’t. But it sure helps me feel stunning & radiant from the inside out. And I LOVE that. 💜 love that happy hair wearing girl on Instagram. 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

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