Indian ad faces backlash for promoting violence against men

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Dec, 2020. 11:48 am
Indian ad

An Indian ad featuring Sanjana Sanghi has left everyone in shock as it promoted violence against men.

The ad is about a streaming app that has thousands of movies to watch at home. The ad features Bollywood actress Sanjana. The ad shows how a couple is trying to decide which movie to watch on a streaming app. Sanjana then slaps her co-actor eight times before he finally tells her to stop. She then tells him that they will watch the eighth movie on the list.

“Are you going this crazy while picking what to watch? We have a solution for your confusion!” the ad goes on to say, and promotes its app.

However, the ad backfires and instantly received backlash from the people. Actress Pooja Bedi raised her voice against the ad, took to her Twitter account, and wrote,

“Absolutely horrified by watching this ad, domestic violence against men is NOT acceptable. What if a man was slapping a woman in this ad? This should never have gotten clearance from the advertising board! #Menhaverights.”

Many netizens, following Pooja, also criticized the ad.

“I just spotted this and it’s absolutely disgusting. Who are these people who can like to think this? This team where one can share this idea and get internal approvals to pitch to their client and the client who approves it? The companies involved in their teams – who are these people,” read a tweet.

“Strengthening and empowering women does not mean this crap. It’s an equal opportunity, respect, and love for both,” read another.

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