This teacher makes over 12,000 pieces of PPE at home using 3D printers

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2020. 09:45 am
Teacher makes PPE kits 3d Printers

A US-based teacher has won a brand new car for his efforts to help frontline workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Jason Erdreich is a technology, engineering, and design teacher. He decided to use his skills and resources to make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits at home. What made PPE kits different was they were made using 3D printers.

Erdreich made his home into a PPE factory and he made protective gear using 3D printers. 

Mazda USA appreciated his efforts by sharing the story on its official YouTube channel. The video also features a voice-over by Erdreich’s wife, Cara, who nominated him as a ‘Mazda Hero’.

“He solves problems in and out of the classroom,” Cara says about Erdreich.

According to an official press release by the company, Erdreich also designed STEM classes for the online format and offered them at little or no charge to students as they were learning-from-home. Endreich also shared his journey of making 12,000 pieces of PPE kits using 3D printers. 

Endreich has also shared this tweet showing gratitude as he got his new Mazda MX-5 Miata 100th Anniversary Special Edition. He is one of 50 people who have gotten the new car due to their amazing services.

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