This woman sets new example of love

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Dec, 2020. 04:55 pm
Tracy Howell

Every couple has a different love story and this woman from Texas set a new example of love by taking a bite from her husband’s lunch every day.

Tracy Howell, from Texas, took to Facebook to share that she has been married for almost 41 years.

“Clifford and I have been married almost 41 years and I have made his lunch every working day since day 1,” Tracy wrote.

She said, “On occasion, I would join him on the job site and have lunch with him. He made the comment once that lunch tasted better when you share it with someone you love.”

This gave Tracy an idea to have lunch with her husband while he was at work.

“Soon after that, while fixing his sandwich one night, I took a bite out of it before putting it away. When he got home (long before cell phones) he commented that someone took a bite out of his sandwich. I told him that since I couldn’t join him for lunch, I took a bite so he knew I was joining him,” she added.

Tracy continued, “I continue to do this frequently (unless it’s tuna or pimento cheese) and he still says, ‘saw you joined me for lunch today and it sure was good.'”

To show the proof, Tracy also uploaded a picture of a nibbled sandwich packed in a zip-lock bag.

Her adorable way of expressing love for her husband has won thousands of hearts and got over 24,000 likes and her story was reshared more than 89,000 times.

One user said, “I can see how your love has stayed so strong all 41 years.” Another wrote, “Mrs. Tracy those are goals…. We all need that one person that knows that bite from his sandwich was from his partner.”

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