Woman’s hack of cutting cake with wine glass sparks debate

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Dec, 2020. 12:41 pm
Woman cuts cake with wine glass

A TikTok user shared a ‘genius’ hack to cut the cake differently. Her video got mixed reviews on the internet.

People usually cut the cakes into triangular slices with the help of a knife. However, TikTok user @theroseperiod used a wine glass to cut the pieces instead of cutting them with a knife and dishing them out.

The woman used the ‘hack’ when her daughter celebrated her 20th birthday with her friends.

A clip showed her daughter blowing out the candles. After that, each member of the group was seen scooping up pieces of cake from around the edge using a wine glass, and cheers-ing with it.

The video was watched more than 1.6 million times and liked 457,000 times.

However, viewers gave mixed reviews. One said: “Omg – I think you just discovered something new” while another wrote: “Next birthday party we are TOTALLY doing this.”

A third called the hack: “Genius” and others labeled it, “LIFE CHANGING,” and said: “We’ve been eating cake wrong.”

Others could not resist criticizing the method. One wrote, “That’s a lot of dishes tho.”

A second then added, “But now you eating out [of] sticky glasses,” while another commented: “I feel like I just witnessed a crime taking place.”

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