dad surprises family with degree from same university as his daughter

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

17th Jan, 2021. 04:07 pm
dad surprises family

When 23-year-old Taleigh Loven walked downstairs to her family room the night of her graduation party, she was expecting balloons, treats and some congratulatory high-fives from her family.

What she didn’t expect was for her dad to be dressed in the same cap and shiny purple stole as she was.

When she saw that he was carrying a diploma with his name on it, she instantly burst into tears.

“My first and only thought was that I was just so so proud of him,” Taleigh told sources. “I was like, wait did you really go to college?”

Mike Loven, 47, decided four years earlier that he was going to get his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix in Arizona.

This was the same school his eldest daughter had just enrolled in to study psychology.

“I really can’t explain the reasoning behind the decision other than that on June 6, 2016 I woke up with a premonition from God that I was going back to school,” Loven said. “I was going to GCU and it was going to be a surprise to everybody.”

“There was no malicious or real reason for hiding it from the family — I just thought the surprise would be so fun,” the father of three children said. “I work a lot and I’m always on my laptop, so no one really knew that I was working on stuff for school all those years.”

Loven runs his own staffing company which his father founded years ago. He has worked there since graduating high school. He always felt like college was only worth it if you were studying to become a doctor or a lawyer. If it was just going to be a four-year party, he says, better to skip it and not go into debt.

“I just never really felt it was for me, until now,” Loven said.

The toughest part about the whole thing, he said, was during stressful midterm seasons when his wife, son and daughter would ask him for help with school-related issues and he couldn’t tell him that he had his own schoolwork to worry about. That, he says, resulted in many late nights at the computer.

“Definitely no master’s degree for me,” Loven said. “But Taleigh is already on her way toward a master’s in psychology. I’m so proud of her.”

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