“Mufti Qavi harassed me” Hareem Shah tells BOL News as Qavi explains his stance

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Jan, 2021. 02:31 pm

Hareem Shah and Mufti Qavi have become the talk of the town because of the “slap scandal”. What was the real matter? BOL News found out the background!

Hareem Shah and Mufti Qavi spoke to BOL News after the video was leaked on social media. See what both said:

What did Hareem Shah say?

“I slapped Mufti Qavi as he was involved in indecent talks and acts,” claimed Hareem Shah.

Hareem Shah said she went to a private hotel for a recording of a show.

Hareem Shah claimed that Qavi harassed her. He was committing acts. She slapped him because of indecent talks.

Mufti Qavi was invited by Shah for a program shoot. She said that Qavi was treated with honor and hospitality. However, Qavi harassed her.

Hareem Shah also said that she did not only slapped him but also beat him with sandals.

The anchorperson asked Hareem Shah if she will file a harassment suit against Qavi. She replied that she will provide audios and videos of all the indecent conversations Qavi had done.

Anchorperson also asked if the video is part of a teaser of Shah’s upcoming web series. Hareem Shah denied this.

Upon asking if she is receiving any threats from Qavi. She said that she is not afraid of anyone.

What did Mufti Qavi say?

Mufti Qavi was asked to present his stance on the slap scandal. He explained to BOL News that he was going to his friend’s home when Hareem Shah invited him to his guest house.

He also claimed that it was Hareem Shah’s secretary Ayesha who slapped him. He also claimed that Hareem Shah did this for her publicity.

Qavi had remained a part of several scandals in the past. The anchorperson asked Qavi to give an opinion on this, but he did not give a clear answer.

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