This Man Is In Love With A Human Sized Doll

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

29th Jan, 2021. 12:43 am
Human Sized Doll Girlfriend

Annoyed by greedy girlfriends, a man has finally made a doll his girlfriend and has been living happily with her for the past two years.

This a real story of Shai Tianrong, a 34-year-old Hong Kong citizen who has been sharing pictures with a “doll girlfriend” named “Mochi” on social media for the past two years.

Tianrong says he made many girlfriends before “Mochi” but they all were very demanding. Sometimes they wanted expensive gifts, and sometimes they used to interfere in his work.

After experiencing the same thing over and over again with several girlfriends, Tianrong finally decided to be alone, but at the same time, at a local Hong Kong store, he saw a human-sized doll, although made of silicone but she looked like a living girl.

In 2019, Tianrong bought the doll and brought it home with him as his ‘girlfriend’.

That day and today, Tianrong is very happy with his “doll girlfriend” whom he has named “Mochi” as it doesn’t ask for anything from him, nor does it bother him by demanding attention.

Tianrong himself takes good care of her cleanliness and, like his real girlfriend, even takes her out for a walk.

Tianrong says that since the Mochi came into his life, he has begun to feel like the happiest man in the world.

In an interview with a local Hong Kong website, Tianrong said that the “Mochi” is a lifeless doll and can do whatever he wants with it but still has a respectful relationship with the best girlfriend ever and they are just living together like ‘good friends’.

Tianrong admits that there are some problems in making a doll his girlfriend, but these problems have no worth in front of his happiness.

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