Video: What were Hareem Shah & Mufti Qavi doing in makeup room?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

22nd Jan, 2021. 04:23 pm
Hareem Shah Mufti Qavi

Hareem Shah and Mufti Qavi have become a top gossip topic these days after a ‘slap’ video spread like a fire on social media.

Shah and Qavi spoke to BOL News after the video was leaked on social media. Shah claimed that Qavi harassed her, but Qavi claimed that he was invited to a show by the TikTok star.

‘Champions’ star Hareem kept uploading videos shot with the Mufti. Before the slap scandal went viral, both were seen enjoying meals and making TikTok videos together.

However, Shah seems to be enjoying the entire scenario. She has brought out a hilarious side of the story. She recently shared a video in which both were present in a makeup room. A female beautician was doing Mufti Qavi’s makeup whereas Hareem Shah was making a video.

What made the video hilarious was the background music. Shah edited the video and included the viral dialogue “Maaro mjhe maaro” (beat me, beat me). Apparently, she was targeting Mufti Qavi in the video.

The video got thousands of likes on Instagram whereas the comment section was restricted to the public.

What did Hareem Shah tell BOL News?

“I slapped Mufti Qavi as he was involved in indecent talks and acts,” claimed Hareem Shah.

Hareem Shah said she went to a private hotel for a recording of a show.

She claimed that Qavi harassed her. He was committing acts. She slapped him because of indecent talks.

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