Wife Roasts Famous Indian Doctor After He Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Without Her

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

28th Jan, 2021. 06:23 pm
K K Aggarwal

Ever thought of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 without your wife? If yes, then you should watch this video.

A video clip of an Indian doctor is going viral on social media platforms for getting coronavirus vaccination without his wife. The Delhi-based senior doctor, unfortunately, attended his wife’s phone call while addressing his live stream, and ended up getting ridiculed by her while the viewers heard everything, and it’s embarrassing!

According to the details, Dr. K K Aggarwal, who is a cardiologist by profession and Padma Shri recipient was roasted by his own wife for not taking her along to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

The whole conversation was being recorded and now is making rounds on social media platforms.

When he confirmed receiving a shot, Aggrawal’s wife was heard asking “Why couldn’t you take me with you?” repeatedly.

Poor door repeatedly explained to his wife that he has had already recieved the vaccine but he will take her to get it on Monday.

“I just went to check on the vaccine. They said to get it done, so I got it,” he gives an explanation to her while being live on social media.

The explanation wasn’t enough for her as she continuously asked the same question, while the conversation was being recorded.

“Why couldn’t you take me with you?” Not only that but she also kept on saying, “Don’t lie to me.”

“I am live on camera right now,” the doctor told his wife trying to end the conversation. To this, she responded by saying, “Main abhi live aa ke tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hun”.

Netizens Reaction:

Many of the netizens made fun of the doctor and started to troll him for being mocked by his own wife on the live stream, however, K K Aggrawal managed to keep his calm and tweeted,

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