Woman shares amazing packaging hack to keep cheese fresh once you’ve opened it

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Jan, 2021. 10:25 am
Woman shares hack to keep cheese fresh

Keeping cheese fresh for days can sometimes become difficult. But this woman’s amazing hack for keeping the cheese fresh can help you.

Shannon, an active TikTok user, took to the app to make a creative video. In a short clip, she explained to her audience a step-by-step guide.

Without taking the cheese out from the wrapper, she cut a block of cheese.

After that, she decided not to discard the excess plastic. She used that plastic wrapper to cover the exposed part of the rest of the cheese.

She uploaded the video with the caption, “Best LIFE HACK. This is so good it should be part of the directions.”

“This is one of those life hacks that blew my mind and changed my everyday life.”

“You know when you cut a block of cheese? Save the top packaging – it fits back on to reseal.”

The video got over 28,000 likes and several comments from the viewers.

One said, “Why didn’t I think of that???!!!” Another wrote, “The simplest things we don’t think about!”

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