Woman shares embarrassing five-year mistake after thinking her microwave was broken

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Jan, 2021. 12:45 pm

A woman used a microwave for five years and thought its time was up. But she realized she made a big mistake!

The woman had noticed that the buttons on the microwave appeared to be slowly fading away. She was ready to throw it out and buy a new one.

Microwaves are often coated with a protective plastic to maintain their perfect look. The mum realized that she had never taken the protective plastic off five years ago. The numbers written on the buttons were not fading, the numbers on the plastic were fading.

She shared the photo of her microwave and wrote, “For years, I thought the buttons were wearing. Turns out I never took the plastic off. On the plus side, brand-new looking microwave.” The photo got over 1,500 reactions in a few hours.

While many Facebook users found it hilarious, some others found the blunder relatable. They wrote, “Just realized I have the exact same microwave and was experiencing the same issues with the buttons. I just went and checked and yes I hadn’t taken the plastic off either.”

A second commented to say, “I found mine after three years. I was about to get cranky at the kids because it was gross after I had wiped it over and looked like the start button was melting.”

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