Twitter users enjoying ‘World’s Biggest Tea Party’ today in the memory of 27th Feb

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

27th Feb, 2021. 12:35 pm
Tea party Abhinandan

Pakistanis are celebrating the day when a cup of tea cost India’s MIG-21. Twitter users are enjoying the world’s biggest tea party!

On this day in 2019, Indian pilot Abhinandan was captured by Pakistan Air Force in the Operation Swift retort. Pakistanis showed a good example of hospitality as Abhinandan was treated with a cup of tea and was sent back to India. India’s commander had said called the tea “fantastic”!

On February 27, the Pakistan Air Force shot down Indian planes violating the country’s airspace and their pilot had just arrested Abhinandan.

On this very day in 2019 (February 27), the Director-General of the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army, ISPR, in a statement issued on the social networking website Twitter, said that

Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian fighter jets violating Pakistani airspace.

Twitter users seem to be enjoying the day. Hashtags #surpriseday, #Abhinandan, and #27Feb are trending on Twitter.

Here are how tweeple expressing their thoughts:

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