Video of Ali Sadpara singing & dancing to “Tum Chalay Aao Paharon Ki Qasam” breaks internet

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

08th Feb, 2021. 08:23 pm
Ali Sadpara video

Video of Ali Sadpara singing and dancing on “Tum Chalay Aao Paharon Ki Qasam” is making rounds on different social media platforms after he went missing.

Ali Sadpara hails from a small village in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan. Lacking better training opportunities, he began his hobby of mountaineering as a porter and traveled with certified mountaineering teams.

Muhammad Ali Saddapara and two foreign climbers, John Snorri from Iceland & MP Mohr from Chile, set out from Base Camp III to reach the summit between Thursday and Friday night (5 and 6 February).

He was expected to head to K2 in the winter on February 5 but lost contact with base camp on Friday night (5th Feb).

“After 8,000 meters, the base camp did not receive any signals from Ali Sadpara and his foreign colleagues,” said Karar Haidari, a senior official at Alpine Club Pakistan.

Helicopters flew up to 7,000 meters yesterday to trace the three climbers after they lost contact with the base camp, but no trace was found on Sunday (February 7) the rescue mission was resumed but so far no trace found.

The video of Sadpara is breaking the internet and netizens are praying for his safe return. The Pakistani mountain climber can be seen enjoying the freezing night along with the other climbers in the camp singing and dancing on “Tum Chalay Aao Paharon Ki Qasam”.


Netizens Reaction:

Netizens broke into tears after watching Sadpara’s video. The social media users continue to pray for the pride of Pakistan and his safe return.

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