Do You Know What “Hanging Out With Wife” Means In Google Dictionary?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Mar, 2021. 09:19 pm
Hanging Out With Wife

It seems like Google has some serious issues with marriage and wife. Google is translating some commonly used words and phrases into something super hilarious.

If you will translate “Hanging Out With Wife” on Google in Urdu, you will die of laughing. It translates the phrase into “Biwi Ke Sath Phansi” which actually means “Death execution with wife”

However, the actual meaning of the phrase “hanging out with wife” is spending time with your wife.

Moreover, Google also has a witty translation of the word “unworried”.

As per Google dictionary, the word unworried means “unmarried”. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself.

Many people believe that getting married was their biggest mistake, as the relationship takes over their lives.

They are bound to live with some set of rules, regulations, limitations, and of course, restrictions.

It feels like Google has understood the misery of married people.

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