Do you know what “Unworried” means in Google Dictionary? Find out

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

24th Mar, 2021. 06:29 pm
Unworried meaning

We have been using the word “unworried” for many years but do you know what does the word actually mean? Well, it is not what you think!

According to its definition, the word “unworried” means “not anxious or uneasy”, and that is the meaning we all have known. However, Google has a different and interesting meaning which will make you giggle.

As per Google dictionary, the word unworried means “unmarried”. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself.

Go to Google English to Urdu translation, and type “unworried”. The translation will give you your answer.

Many people believe that getting married was their biggest mistake, as the relationship takes over their lives.

They are bound to live with some set of rules, regulations, limitations, and of course, restrictions.

It seems like Google understood the misery of married people and changed the literal meaning of “unworried”.

However, the meaning of  “worried” remains the same.

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