This Video Will Make You Cry Out Of Love

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

29th Mar, 2021. 08:52 pm

You may have watched several romantic videos, but we bet, you have never watched such a heart-touching video ever in your life.

For some people love is just a feeling but for some, love is everything. A TikTok video is making rounds on social media in which an elderly couple is celebrating their togetherness and cherishing love.

An international Muslim TikTok user Ssaidee shared a video of her grandfather and grandmother on the app which went viral on every social media platform.

An elderly man took his granddaughter to a florist to buy beautiful red roses for his beloved wife.

After receiving the roses from her soul mate, the grandfather’s wife gave the most beautiful smile and said she simply loved the roses. Have a look!


The social media users are praising the loyalty of the couple towards each other as many of them prayed to find love like the elderly couple has.

Have a look!

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