Hania Aamir thanks Shamoon Ismail as she spreads fake engagement news

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Apr, 2021. 11:10 am
Hania Aamir Shamoon Ismail

Hania Aamir made headlines on Thursday because of her “engagement” prank.

Yesterday, Ishqiya actress shared a photo of her hand and a rose and she also mentioned the date ‘April 1st, 2021’. She was wearing an engagement ring. Apparently, fans thought she has gotten engaged. Later, she hinted that she has gotten engaged to singer Shamoon Ismail.

The news began a hue and cry as fans congratulated the ‘new’ celebrity couple. However, it was later found that Hania was fooling everyone on April 1st.

She shared a new video on her Instagram in which she was seen laughing. In the caption, she thanked Shamoon and her fans for helping her in her prank.

“Thanks, guys. I’ll definitely have a better quality photo when it’s real. I love you guys. April fools. Thanks, Shamoon Ismail for being such a sport and my crazy friends for just being themselves.”

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