I go for frequent mental checkups, Meera Jee

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Apr, 2021. 01:51 pm
meera mental check-ups

Actress Meera Jee has claimed that she goes for frequent mental checkups.

She was talking to BOL NEWS on Sunday (today). During her interview, she denied rumours of her psychological illness.

There is no truth about her admission to the mental hospital, she added.

“My mother misunderstood the words. Someone snatched my phone from me for two days, I kept crying but the phone was not returned,” she continued.

Moreover, Baaji actress told BOL News that she will reveal the story behind the mental hospital when she will return to Pakistan.

About her arrival to Pakistan, the actress said that she will visit Dubai from the US. She will see the matters of her property in Dubai. She will return to Karachi from Dubai, she added.

About her latest projects, Meera informed BOL News that her project “Meera ke so rang”(100 colours of Meera)” has been submitted to PTV for approval.

She explained her stance after she made headlines that she was reportedly admitted to a mental hospital.


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