World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

17th Jun, 2021. 05:21 pm

Hotels play a vital role in creating the most significant and beautiful memories. But the main question is how much are you willing to pay for a night? What do the most expensive hotel rooms around the world have different than others?

Well, to be accurate money can’t buy happiness, but it can surely buy extravagance and provide you with all the coziness that you can ask for.

So, here is a list of hotels, renowned for being home to the world’s most expensive hotel rooms, which you can check out if you are looking for a first-class and deluxe getaway.


The Palms Empathy Suite, Las Vegas

This 9000 sq. ft. suite is extent across stories and superintends the Vegas Strip. Being a masterpiece of British artist Damien Hirst, you will get to see his work is displayed throughout the suite.

The room will cost you $100000 per night, which will get you access to a 24-hour butler on your service, chauffeured car service, a private property tour, a recording studio.

A-list admission today and nightclubs, along with a $10000 credit to spend on site. However, you need to note that there’s an obligation of a two-night minimum stay here!

empathy suite las vegas

The Palms Empathy Suite


The Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Famous for hosting government bureaucrats and popular celebrities, the prime suite in Europe stands big at 18083 sq ft and will cost you an enormous amount of $80000 a night.

Speculating what $80k will offer you astonishingly? Well, apart from enjoying attractive views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, you will also get a private gym, butler and chef, a 24-hours personal assistant, as well as a private elevator.

royal penthouse geneva

The Royal Penthouse Suite


Four Seasons Hotel’s Ty Warner Penthouse, New York

The suite has nine different rooms and will cost you around $34000 for a night.

There is a Zen room that landscapes a waterfall as well as other options such as a hot tub or a private piano to keep the guests involved.

Apart from the spa treatments, a personal trainer, and a private butler, you also get to enjoy facilities that spread even outside the hotel. In case the guests want to go outside, they will be provided a Rolls Royce or a Maybach, whereas they will also have access to the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon restaurant, with a seat guaranteed for this guest.

four season hotel

Four Seasons Hotel


Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

This is no ordinary hotel and offers guests the best of Paris. This famous hotel claims of having the biggest suite of the French hospitality industry on the 5th floor. If you book a room in this hotel, you’ll get to enjoy the highlights of the Eiffel tower.

Guests also have a steam room and private kitchen to themselves and enjoy their stay to the completest. A night in this hotel will cost you $27000, but you will not regret paying this substantial amount, given the luxury it delivers.

hotel plaza athenee

Hôtel Plaza Athénée


Ritz-Carlton’s Presidential Suite, Tokyo

This specific hotel room is spread across a spectacular 307 sq., which has a principal bedroom that features a large four-poster bed. Guests are provided a personal caretaker, whereas there is also an indoor pool and a gym with this room.

Almost everything in this room is finished with marble, and guests get to see the Roppongi Hills and Imperial Palace outside the widow.

Whereas per night booking of this suite will cost you $25000.

riz carlton hotel tokyo

Ritz-Carlton’s Presidential Suite


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