Sadaf Kanwal’s Comment On Husband’s Rights Sparks Debate On Twitter

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Jul, 2021. 03:48 pm
Sadaf Kanwal's Comment On Husband's Rights Sparks Debate On Twitter

Actress and model Sadaf Kanwal’s comment on the importance of ‘husband’s rights, in the shadow of Pakistani traditions and culture, sparked a new debate in the country and people seemed divided.

Sadaf Kanwal had said in a TV program a few days ago that the social traditions and cultures of Pakistan are that a married woman not only has to iron her husband’s clothes but also has to remove his shoes.

Sadaf Kanwal also spoke cautiously on the issue of feminism and the women’s march and said that she would not discuss the issue, but she wanted to say that a wife should know all the needs and rights of her husband.

According to the actress, as a wife, every woman should know where her husband’s clothes are, what her husband needs and that she should take care of all these things.

She said that Pakistani social traditions and culture are that after marriage a woman should iron her husband’s clothes and also take off his shoes.

The actress’s statement caused a stir on social media and she remained a top trend on July 30 and 31.

Sadaf Kanwal's Comment On Husband's Rights Sparks Debate On Twitter

While most people seemed to appreciate the actress’s emphasis on husband’s rights, some criticized her for saying that it was not necessary for a wife to take care of her husband’s needs.

Some people also satirized liberals on Sadaf Kanwal’s statement and shared various memes.




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