Amna Ilyas controversy is getting intense; netizens are raising question, why is everyone silent?

Raba NoorWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2021. 08:13 pm
Amna Ilyas

Pakistani actor and model Amna Ilyas recently drew the attention of netizens after sharing a video of herself ‘accidentally’ kicking a man’s head while attempting a popular kick-off challenge that went wrong by her.

Have a look:

Soon after the video went viral, many celebrities including, Faizan Sheikh, Mathira, Aadi Adeal, and Rabya Kulsoom, and other social media users started raising their voices over Amna’s disrespectful act saying, “Abusive, unethical and disrespectful.”

Meanwhile, netizens are also raising the question of why everyone is silent on Amna’s act against the opposite gender and food as well?

A user wrote in the comments section, “I wonder why there isn’t any hastag trending against Aamna Ilyas after she hits and humilates a poor male crew member ? If a male actor done the same everyone would be condemning to the core but yeah it is ok even funny for these celebs and femists to insult and humilate and harass a male . No one is condemning her act even Celebs like Aiman Khan with huge following enjoying such disrespectful act and laughing on it such a shame!!”

Another wrote “I see no one talking abt it, consider a man doing the same shit with women?? We don’t stand for equality indeed.”

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