Facebook Messenger adding new features to the app

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 06:52 pm

Facebook is bringing voice and video calling to its social networking service. This is a new attempt to improve the communication features of Messenger after it was discontinued in 2014 as a separate app.

According to the United States, users in some countries will be able to make audio or video calls from the Facebook app starting from Monday. Connor Hayes, director of product management at Messenger, says the new feature is just a test but aims to reduce the need to switch between Facebook’s main app and its messenger service.

Facebook also began testing a limited version of Messenger’s inbox in the main Facebook app last fall. Messenger was first created in the Facebook app but the company removed it 7 years ago and forced users to download a separate app to send private messages from mobile phones.

The latest test was conducted on Monday, a slow but steady effort to internally integrate all of Facebook’s apps and services.

Hayes added that Facebook is beginning to see Messenger as a service rather than just an app, meaning people will use the technology in other ways – to watch videos or play games on Facebook. Relying on video chat while playing Messenger, voice and video calls using Messenger technology are available on other Facebook platforms including Instagram, Oculus and Portal devices.

“You’re starting to see some of these things over time,” said Director Product Management Messenger. Which service do they want to use?

Facebook first enabled messaging between the Instagram app and Messenger in September last year and plans to roll out the feature in its WhatsApp messaging service.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg argues that integrating the company’s messaging services is beneficial to consumers, allowing them to reach more people and reducing the need to download or jump separate apps.

In this regard, critics say that Facebook is linking its services to each other, which may make it impossible to stop the company from going up.

Federal regulators filed an antitrust lawsuit last week to force Facebook to end the mess on Instagram and WhatsApp.

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