DG ISI in Kabul amid Taliban Govt making: #EverythingWillBeOkay trends on Twitter

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2021. 12:33 pm
DG ISI in Kabul amid Taliban Govt making: #EverythingWillBeOkay Trends on Twitter

“Everything will be okay,” said Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed, director-general of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), during his visit to Kabul.

In a video released by Channel 4 News on its Twitter account, the ISI chief can be seen at a hotel in Kabul with Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan.

According to sources, General Faiz Hameed will meet with the Taliban during his visit and during the meeting, he will discuss the pending requests of other countries and institutions of the world to evacuate their people from Pakistan.

He is also expected to discuss border management with Afghan leaders on the movement of Afghan citizens crossing the border on a daily basis.

Sources said that overall security issues will be discussed with the Taliban to ensure that spoilers and terrorist organizations do not take advantage of the situation.

General Faiz Hameed is also expected to meet with the Pakistani Ambassador and his team to discuss evacuation issues and the return route to Pakistan and the situation on the Pak-Afghan border.

After the video circulating on social media #EverythingWillBeOkay has started trending on Twitter. Pakistani Twitterati are not coming slow and replying to Indians who seem worried owing to the DG ISI trip to Afghanistan.

Earlier on August 30, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa had assured that despite the challenges facing the country, Pakistan’s border was secure and Pakistani forces were ready to deal with the situation.

He expressed these views while briefing members of the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir, the Senate Standing Committee on Defense and the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defense on the occasion of his visit to the General Headquarters (GHQ).

During the briefing, General Qamar Javed Bajwa had said that the Armed Forces, with the cooperation of the nation, had made remarkable achievements in the fight against terrorism and normalization of the situation in Pakistan.

The Chief of Army Staff also highlighted the importance of restoring peace in war-torn Afghanistan for lasting peace and development in the South Asian region.

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