A woman fights a SHARK by smacking’ it in the face with water laced with her blood

A woman fights a SHARK by smacking’ it in the face with water laced with her blood

A woman fights a SHARK by smacking’ it in the face with water laced with her blood

A woman fights a SHARK by smacking’ it in the face with water laced with her blood


During a terrifying mauling, a woman miraculously survived a shark attack by’smacking’ it in the face.

Heather West was visiting Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida with a group of adventurers when the shark attacked, filling the water with blood.

Heather, 35, recalled the terrifying ordeal, saying, “I felt like I was in a Jaws movie at that moment.”

When the group decided to take a dip in the water, the trip devolved into chaos.

Heather was filming in the ocean while her friends lingered on the nearby shore when she “sensed danger.”


She was quickly engulfed by the shark’s jaws.

“I felt something grab my ankle as soon as I turned to face the beach.”

“Even though I saw all the guys on the beach just seconds before, my brain couldn’t comprehend what was going on, and I thought one of them grabbed me to scare me.”

“I remember thinking how strong they were; it felt like my ankle was in a vice grip… I just sat there waiting for it to go away.

“As soon as that thought left my mind, I felt a huge jerk on my leg and knew it was a shark dragging me.”


“I was wearing flippers, so I couldn’t get the propulsion I needed to smack him in the face.”

“I was so enraged that I sat up in the water, screaming ‘you motherf****r,’ while punching down into the water at his face with both fists, and that’s when he decided to let go.”

Heather, from Montgomery, Texas, thought her foot was gone once she was free and yelled for help, bracing herself in case she was attacked again.

“Blood was filling the water, and I couldn’t see where he went,” she explained.

“At that point, I felt like I was in a Jaws movie.”

Heather’s friends eventually dragged her by her arms to the beach, where one of them applied pressure to the wound on her foot while another looked for help.


In the meantime, adrenaline and shock kicked in.

She stated: “I still thought my foot was gone at this point, but when I looked down, I saw it was still attached and started screaming, ‘I can’t believe I won!’

“I was overjoyed afterwards, and I was grateful to be alive.

“I wasn’t upset or crying at all; all I could think was, ‘Wow, that was a wild ride!”

After hearing the description, two locals identified the creature as a 6ft lemon shark that had been circling and attacking birds for some time.

Heather was transferred to a nearby island before being flown to Lower Keys Medical Center in Stock Island, Florida, US.


Heather claims it took three and a half hours for her to receive assistance despite the fact that a group of healthcare workers were waiting for her when she arrived.

The 35-year-old also claims she was told staff were “too busy,” which prompted her to “help herself.”

“I went back over to the bed and began slowly removing my bandaging and cleaning up the area around the wound,” she explained.

“At this point, I still hadn’t received any pain relief, and the process was excruciatingly painful.”

Heather was then visited by a doctor, who examined the wound and said he would return later, after which she received 18 stitches.

She was, however, dissatisfied with the care she received in the hospital and claims to have been released while still in need of medical attention.


She stated: “My tendons were torn, if not severed, and the ligaments in my ankle were torn just by looking at my foot.

“No one cared, in my opinion, and what they did to me was the most traumatic part of the day – even worse than the actual attack.”

Heather has sustained permanent damage.

Despite the horrific ordeal, she decided to return to the water just four weeks after the attack.

The shocking storey has left TikTok users speechless.


“I love that you were present enough to make a TikTok during the trip,” one person said.

“This is the kind of shark attack I want where there’s enough of a storey to tell but I’m chilling on the big screen,” another user commented.


“Man, you’re so lucky, someone was watching over you,” another viewer commented.

“Nail polish matching the blood – fancy,” another user joked.


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