In a 12-year reign of terror, the ‘Terminator’ murderer threatened to rape neighbours and recorded one’s daughter’s bedroom

In a 12-year reign of terror, the ‘Terminator’ murderer threatened to rape neighbours and recorded one’s daughter’s bedroom

In a 12-year reign of terror, the ‘Terminator’ murderer threatened to rape neighbours and recorded one’s daughter’s bedroom

A MONSTER threatened to rape his neighbours and filmed their daughter’s bedroom during a 12 year reign of terror that terminated in a grim murder.

Can Arslan, 52, terrorised residents in Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, after a parking dispute.

He preyed on father-of-three Matthew Boorman, 43, and his wife Sarah, making them afraid to sit in their own back yard.

Arslan frequently threatened to “bury them” and told police he would “sort out his neighbour personally” and “kill him.”

The next day, the monster stabbed Matthew 27 times and sliced Sarah in the leg, making his terrible warning a reality.


During the savage spree in October of last year, he also knifed another neighbour, Peter Marsden, eight times.

Arslan was found guilty of murder today after earlier pleading guilty to attempted murder, GBH with intent to kill, and affray.

Locals have been seeking to evict Arslan for 12 years owing to his anti-social behaviour, according to the court.

The fight began after a disagreement about a “shared disc,” but it quickly escalated with threats to harm his neighbours.

Arslan would yell at them, “I’ll put you down,” and six months before the murders, he was recorded saying, “I’m going to f***ing do a massacre.”

The savage referred to his neighbours as “motherf*****s” and “c**ksuckers.”


Matthew alerted authorities in May of last year that he was concerned for his and his family’s safety.

“He makes references to being ex-special forces and has previously made rape threats,” the father stated. He photographed my girls’ bedrooms this week.

“I don’t know what he’s capable of, and this leads my wife and me to be always concerned about Mr Arslan’s temperament.”

Sarah Boorman blasted police today for failing to apprehend his assailant after several warnings.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct announced that they are Gloucestershire Constabulary’s response to the tragedy.

The mother stated after the knife thug was convicted of murder today: “Matthew’s life was robbed from him by the defendant on October 5, 2021, and he was ruthlessly taken from us.


“We will never be the same without him, but as we go on and learn to live without him, we fight in his name to expose not just the hatred and cruelty of the individual who did this, but also the flaws in the system that allowed it to happen.”

She also praised her spouse, who “radiated energy and a true passion for life.”

Sarah continued, saying: “He enjoyed celebrating life by filling the home with music and laughter.

“Perhaps what people will remember Matt for the most is his grin.” His vitality, love, and joy – he was a very proud father of his children.

“He honestly lived life to the fullest for his children.” Evenings and weekends would be spent as a family unit.

“Matt’s death is very heartbreaking. He was so young and had such a promising future.


“I’m mourning the death of my spouse today and for the rest of my life.” Our loved ones have been condemned to a lifetime of grief.”

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