US presidential candidate Joe Biden denies sexual assault allegations

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st May, 2020. 08:04 pm
Joe Biden sexual assault

Joe Biden sexual assault

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has denied sexual assault allegations, calling them false and propaganda against him.

Several women have accused Biden of sexual harassment, misconduct, rape, and sexual exploitation, out of which two women came out against the presidential candidate in front of the media.

Although 77 years old Joe Biden has denied the allegations and called them “not true”.

Joe Biden said that the woman who accused him of sexual assault when he was a senator and she also claimed to lodge the complaints.

Joe Biden argued that if the woman had filed a complaint against him, the record of the complaint would be in the National Archives and that he would ask the current secretary of the Senate check the record whether the woman who accused him had lodged a complaint or not?

He categorically denied the allegations against him, calling them a conspiracy against him.

Biden reiterated the clarification of the allegations against him at a time when his role was being questioned by key party leaders.

US President Donald Trump also said in a brief statement on April 30 that Biden should explain the allegations against him.

Following pressure from President Donald Trump and other political leaders, Biden ruled out the allegations in a TV interview but denied the allegations in a statement issued before the interview.

Joe Biden’s sexual harassment allegations began in March this year and were initially leveled at him by former Senate employee Tara Reade.

Tara Reade later reiterated his allegations, and in mid-April, she again accused Biden of sexual harassment and rape in front of the media.

Tara Reade claimed in an interview in mid-April that he had been raped in the basement of the Capitol Hill office building by Joe Biden in 1993.

The woman claimed that she had filed a complaint against Biden in the office at that time.

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