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Trump’s rival Joe Biden speaks with Jacob Blake on Wisconsin visit

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Sep, 2020. 10:03 am
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Trump's rival Joe Biden
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US Democratic leader Joe Biden has talked over the phone to Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot by police in the back in Kenosha.

Mr. Biden was speaking at a church meeting in the city where the shooting occurred. He informed the members that Mr. Blake was not going to give up whether he walked again or not.

Jacob Blake remains in the hospital paralyzed.

According to the international news agency, Joe Biden and his wife met Mr. Blake’s relatives at Milwaukee airport. While Mr. Biden talked to Mr. Blake on the phone.

Mr. Biden said he was struck by the family’s “overwhelming sense of resilience and optimism”.

Mr. Blake “talked about how nothing was going to defeat him, how whether he walked again or not, he was not going to give up,” Mr. Biden said.

Blake’s family lawyer Ben Crump said that the meeting was “engaging” and that the family “was very impressed that the Bidens were so engaged and willing to really listen”.

During the community meeting in Kenosha, Mr. Biden also criticized President Trump’s leadership. He said that the US was at an “inflection point” in its history.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump had earlier visited Kenosha city to support law enforcement after chaos erupted amid the police shooting of a black man. However, he neither had met Mr. Blake nor had talked to him on the phone.

He had visited areas damaged due to protests, including a burnt-out furniture store.

He blamed “domestic terror” for the “destruction” in the Midwestern city.

He visited areas damaged due to protests, including a burnt-out furniture store.

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