Faysal Aziz Khan Exclusive Coverage From US Election 2020 Campaign

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04th Nov, 2020. 01:57 am

Faysal Aziz Khan shares his experience, says the situation in the US is tense

BOL News is always ahead of other national news channels. This time, senior journalist Faysal Aziz Khan is giving exclusive coverage of the US election Campaign direct from the United States of America to update the viewers.

While talking to one of BOL News reporter, Faysal Aziz Khan shared his experience of the US 2020 Presidential Election, as this time the situation is a bit tensed and Trump’s supporters are all set to destruct things, if things do not go according to their will.

“White House is fully secured, there are forces in different areas. It is a stand-by condition. Anything can happen,” said Faysal Aziz Khan.

He went on to say,

“God forbids, if the results are not in Trump’s favor, then his followers could do destruction in the country.”

Faysal Aziz Khan also talked about the poll’s results and how things can be changed in a few seconds. According to the polls, Biden is ahead of Trump, however, it was the same situation in the 2016 elections, when Hillary was winning in the polls, but the actual result was in the favor of Trump.

“People are scared if Biden loses, and this why Trump’s people are also scared if he actually loses.”

While highlighting the country’s situations. Faysal Aziz Khan revealed how people have conducted rallies just like in Pakistan, however, the environment in the USA is not normal, the situation is tense and aggressive.

It is pertinent to mention here that US Election 2020 run separate campaigns in different states and must win 281 electoral votes in order to be elected President. Presidential campaigns require the candidates to make strategic decisions in order to maximize their chance of winning the required number of votes.

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