US Election 2020: 5 votes for Biden and none for Trump in New Hampshire

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

03rd Nov, 2020. 02:18 pm

US Election 2020 has begun. Voters in New Hampshire at the stroke of midnight have cast their ballots.

As per the initial details, Voters in Dixville Notch, a village of 12 residents in New Hampshire, have unanimously voted for Democrat Joe Biden within minutes.

Initial results suggest that five votes have been cast for Joe Biden and none for Donald Trump.

New Hampshire has traditionally voted “first in the nation” since 1960.

In addition to this, Neighboring Millsfield has also begun voting at midnight but a third village in the area, canceled overnight voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Will we get results on election night?

We can receive the results of the Presidential election in around seven days depending on the time spent on vote counting. However, it usually becomes clear in the early hours who are winning.

Back in 2016, President Donald Trump gave his victory speech at around 03:00 local time in New York in front of his supporters. However, the time of the announcement is still not predicated.

Officials are already warning that we may have to wait longer this time, even weeks, because of the predicted increase in postal ballots.

In 2000, the result was not clear within a few hours, when the winner was not confirmed until a Supreme Court ruling was made a month later.

Rules about how and went to count postal ballots vary with states. It means there will be large gaps between them in terms of reporting results. It can take weeks in some states to get complete results.

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