US Election 2020: Republican Party Seeks To Retain Majority In Senate

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Nov, 2020. 10:52 pm
US Election 2020: Republican Party Seeks To Retain Majority In Senate

US Election 2020: With the election in the United States, a series of speculations about the control of the US Senate began that the Republican Party is trying to maintain a majority in the Senate.

According to the foreign news agency ‘AP’, the control of the US Senate can make and break the presidency.

If incumbent Donald Trump is re-elected, he will have to confirm his candidacy, which could lead to a halt to legislation by House Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Without Senate control, presidential candidate Joe Biden will face a potential wall of opposition to his agenda if the Democratic nominee wins the White House.

The chamber now has a 53-47 split, with three or four seats going to determine Senate control and which party wins the White House.

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to keep it,” said Chip Felkel, a Republican strategist in South Carolina who opposes the president.

“You have to accept that we have no problem with Trump,” Felkel added.

The political landscape has been changing rapidly over the past six years, with most of these senators facing voters for the last time.

It’s a reminder of how much the overall mood has improved under Trump.

Young voters and more and more minorities support Democrats in some states, including Colorado, where parties have stopped spending money for or against GOP Senator Corey Gardner because they think he is a former Democrat governor, John Hacken Loopers will be defeated.

Colorado-based Republican David Flaherty says his poll shows that many voters will make their decision in the context of Covid-19.

He said that in many parts of the country the President was not being remembered with kind words.

He said it would hurt Senate GOP candidates, especially those affiliated with the president.

Jesse Hunt, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Central Committee, said competition from different ethnic and minority communities would intensify on the final day.

“We always knew this was going to be a competitive election cycle,” she said.

It should be noted that millions of Americans have already voted in the United States before the day of the presidential election on November 3, but each state has its own rules, due to which these votes will be counted with the ballot box.

Incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Biden are among the other independent candidates in this year’s election, but there is fierce competition between the two political rivals.

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