US Election 2020: Voting completed in all states, Bided ahead of Trump

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

06th Nov, 2020. 11:10 pm
US Election 2020

Voting is completed in all the states. Expected results for 44 of the 50 states were released.

Democratic Joe Biden is closer to winning the 59th US Presidential Election as Biden now leads in two major states, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

According to the details, these two states have 20 and 16 electoral college votes, that will add 36 more votes, if won, in Democratic Biden’s current 264 votes and will take him past the 270, that is required to win the presidency.

Biden is ahead of Trump, as he is also in the lead in Nevada, which has 6 votes, just the exact number Biden needs to win the presidency.

On the other hand, Trump has 214 votes and needs to win four states Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada. If won, then these states will give him a boost of 57 votes.

There is no declared winner in Alaska yet. The state has 3 electoral college votes.

According to an international news organization, Biden is in the majority by 5,587 votes in Pennsylvania. Overall, he has 3,295,304 votes or 49.4% of the total in the state. Trump has 3,289,717 votes, or 49.3%.


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