US Elections 2020: Electoral Projections based on Public Opinion Polls

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Nov, 2020. 10:32 pm
US Presidential Elections: Projection Of Public Opinion Polls

US Elections 2020: Public opinion polls across the US ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election are currently testing the chances of candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden winning.

Although the outcome of the US election is not determined by the polls, it is a matter of debate. In the United States, the president is elected on the basis of the number of electoral votes cast by popular vote.

When the American people vote, they are voting for the people who together form the electoral college that elects the president and vice president. The number of Electoral College members in each state is proportional to its population.

The winning candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes out of 538.

Recent polls suggest that Biden, the Democratic nominee, has a seven-point lead over President Trump nationally.

Most US states put their weight behind a political party. But about a dozen swing states have a decisive influence on the outcome of the election, as these states can be named after either party.

In the swing states, Biden has a slight lead with four points.

President Trump is hopeful that he will win the swing states again, as he did in 2016, with electoral votes. He is optimistic about the decisive swing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. He won the 2016 election by a narrow margin in these states.

According to Robert Griffin, director of research at the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, President Trump is far behind nationally in the Midwest.

According to political observers, Trump must win Pennsylvania and Florida, which have 20 and 29 electoral votes, respectively.

Analyst Amanda Ivino, who belongs to WPA Intelligence, says President Trump’s path to victory is unclear without winning in those states.

Despite trailing Biden in the polls, Trump seems confident of winning his campaign.

Addressing an election rally in Florida, he pointed to Biden and said openly, “Can you imagine losing to this man? Can you imagine that?”

According to experts, President Trump’s victory or defeat in this election depends on what voters think about the most important issues.

Biden has criticized President Trump on the issue, saying the election is a referendum on President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Another important issue is the recovery of the US economy. President Trump, citing the latest Commerce Department figures, says that during his presidency, the US growth rate increased by 33.1% during July and September.

Addressing a rally in Florida, Trump told the crowd that the increase was the largest in US history.

According to Biden, this performance is insufficient and the United States cannot get out of the economic crisis caused by the Corona epidemic.

In addition to these two issues, efforts to achieve justice for racial discrimination and to persuade voters in the last days before the November 3 election will also be important factors.

In this election, a large number of voters have exercised their right to vote by using the ‘Early Voting’ facility or by sending ballots by post as a precautionary measure to avoid Karuna. According to reports, 90 million voters have so far exercised their right to vote even before election day.

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