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Stunned Netizens: A man carries a massive python on his shoulder

massive python

A man was seen in this viral video carrying a massive snake on his shoulder, possibly at a zoo.

The video gives you goosebumps. The user hepgul5 shared the video on Instagram, and it has already earned over 8,400 likes.

The person who is recording the clip behind it was at a safe distance due to the python’s long body. The python appeared carefree about the zookeeper who was carrying it as if it was usual and they’d known each other for a long time. To avoid hitting any high cages in the way, the python is pictured bending its head before entering a room.

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According to the people, they were surprised to see that and stated that they had never seen a snake so large before. They also said the man’s nonchalant carrying of the massive made them feel uneasy.

The link to the video is given below:


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